Scanning & Image Capture

High resolution image files from reflective, transparent, and 3 dimensional artworks.

Contex Crystal 40" Roll Scanner

This high resolution scanner will scan flat art from a letter size up to a 40" wide original that's up to 1/2" Thick.


Imacon 949 Tx Scanner

This 8000 dpi non-interpolated pixel maker is a powerhouse. It's a 16-bit true color scanner with a 4.9 Dmax capability.


Epson 1640XL

This reliable 1600 x 3200 dpi hardware resolution and 42-bit color depth scanner can achieve a 3.6 Dmax and is a great solution for affordable quality scanning.


Phase One Powerphase fx+

Digital Scan Camera Back
10,500 x 12,600 pixel CCD chip
Image captures of up to 380 MB
(24 bit RGB uninterpolated)


ZBE Sattelite Camera Stand

For photographing all types of objects for archival and reproduction.